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Monday June 18, 2007


Day 15 -
West Yellowstone MT to Grand Teton National Park, 67.8 miles, 6:08

It is a privilege to be able to invite families to pray with us before we head out of a particular city or campsite. Today's pre-ride prayer was with a family from Alaska who are traveling to Florida and back to Alaska this summer. What a trip.

The first day of Week 3 was a ride with Casey and Carter to Old Faithful. It was really, really windy for my boy Carter who goes about 49 pounds soaking wet. But, he perservered and made it the 34 miles to Old Faithful.

That's Old Faithful and Brother Bob who works in the grill inside the park. Brother Bob is a minister who uses his job at the park to reach visitors for Jesus.

Here's Ted from Connecticticut again. You saw a picture of him and his two riding mates last week. Ted was taking his time through the park and taking pictures as his mates sped ahead to the next camp. Casey and Carter and I stopped and prayed with him and wished him well.

We stopped shortly after seeing Ted and met our buddy Jim from Greenville NC. Our jerserys with "CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA" in big bold letters really get the attention of some folks.

After leaving Old Faithful riding solo, I climbed over Craig's Pass (R) before turning south at Lake Yellowstone and heading for The Grand Teton National Park (R).

The National Parks area leaves me with an interesting perspective on the way Jesus Christ is invited to transform lives here. God's creation is amazingly evident. But, the people, it sometimes seems, they are just kind of passing in the night. Christ is only as evident as those who choose to let their lives be a ministry for Him. Same here as anywhere else.

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